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The route across the Province of Almería comes in by ‘Láujar de Andarax’. From there to ‘Almería’ capital crossing the Gádor mountains there are several options, although any of them is hard. In any case we would come to the Capital from ‘Félix’ and ‘énix’. From the Capital we would take the GR-92 heading towards ‘Cabo de Gata’. From ‘San José’ we’ll continue again by the GR-92 and, after that, using an asphalted track we’ll come to ‘Agua Amarga’, where we’ll say ‘goodbye’ to the sea and penetrate to the inner part of the Province, firstly towards ‘Sorbas’ and later looking for Filabres mountains to come to ‘Serón’.


Province Track
Laroles - Laujar de Andarax (29,8 kms.)
Laujar de Andarax - Instinción (30 kms.)
Instinción - Énix (50,6 kms.)
Énix - Almería (25 kms.)
Almería - Cabo de Gata (24,25 km)
Cabo de Gata - San José (20 km)
San José - Agua Amarga (44 km)
Agua Amarga - Sorbas (47.5 km)
Sorbas - Uleila del Campo (16 km)
Uleila del Campo - Senés (18 km)
Senés - Bacares (27 km)
Bacares - Serón (21 km)
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