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Bicycle Touring
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Bicycle Touring

It´s quite difficult to give an exact definition of bicycle touring. It´s such a wide range sport, so complex, so personal, so original.... that it makes it impossible to classify. You live it or you don´t, you might have the feeling or maybe not! The technical term for bicycle touring includes all ways of bicycle entertainment, non competitive, in a continuos search of all the possible uses that a bicycle might have. It´s the sport made with no hurry (there is no need to finish on first place), without prizes or awards (satisfaction is found with each pedal stroke). It´s the sport in which there´s no point to imitate high competition cycling, but where self-sufficiency  is frequently searched for. It is also one of the biggest pleasures that a bicycle might give. It doesn´t matter how many kilometers we do, or the time that we take to do them, but how we go and the route we are following. Real bicycle touring starts way before the first pedal, preparing the routes, studying the maps, discussing things, compiling information, studying areas, ways to eat and sleep, preparing the gear and the bike, getting fit...

Bicycle touring, more than a sport, is a lifestyle. It's a inseperable combination between man and machine. Its synonymous of freedom and independence. It helps us to rediscover lost inner sensations, to find those intense pleasures and to connect to be able to interpret our surroundings and the reality of life. Its an inexhaustible source of sensations for all ages. Its not fought for the concept of the family, even though this wonderful mechanical device is a tool to bring together the family. Today its typical to see the image of couples with their children who share the experience of a bike ride together.